26 for Ukraine – finding mechanism to fund Ukraine defense even without Viktor Orbán

Odkaz na petici / link to international petition:  https://www.change.org/p/keep-supporting-ukraine-even-without-viktor-orb%C3%A1n-open-letter-for-eu-leaders

Please find information regarding citizen initiative 26 for Ukraine. Its goal is to support mechanism of 26 EU countries funding Ukraine defense outside EU budget and therefore bypass the veto by Viktor Orbán regarding EU financial aid in this topic. We are starting with this particular topic, but in the future, there can be other critical needs which could be addressed in similar way.

How and where it started: we have published open letter first to Czech prime minister, because origin of the initiative is in Prague. The action started by Stand with Ukraine Czech chat, Občanský rozcestník initiative, with support of Pulse of Europe ČR and many Czech Charter 77 dissidents and other public figures with support (sharing, advice) of Gift for Putin project.

Latest news, you can also see on our Twitter page Občanský rozcestník.

There is now dedicated domain for this initiative, this page will be only backup page and main will be here: https://26forUkraine.net

And now we are starting the petition for all EU citizens to appeal to their leaders. Please find the link and also copy of text below: https://www.change.org/p/keep-supporting-ukraine-even-without-viktor-orb%C3%A1n-open-letter-for-eu-leaders

Below, please find link also to the Czech open letter, which was handed over to prime minister Petr Fiala on December 12th. Now is open for signatures: https://www.petice.com/signatures/26proukrajinu/

The EU wide petition

Dear Presidents, Prime Ministers of EU countries,

we appreciate, that many countries continue to support Ukraine in the fight for its own freedom and sovereignty. But we are troubled by the blocking of funds for Ukraine due to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. It is not permissible for a group of 26 economically strong democratic countries to be blocked by one prime minister who is suspected of having crony ties to the Russian criminal regime.

The issue of aid to Ukraine directly affects our security, so it is necessary to choose a quick solution. Even if it was unconventional. It is about lives and also about the safety of the whole of Europe. EU has ten times stronger economy compared to Russia and three times larger population. So it is fully in our hands to successfully support Ukraine.

Therefore, we ask you to agree at the European summit the rapid preparation of a continuous mechanism for financial support of Ukraine even without Hungary. If the Hungarian Prime Minister is working more in favor of the aggressor, a terrorist state, it is in our vital interest to find a way to continue support Ukraine without losing time. It is humanly and pragmatically necessary at a time when global society is fragmenting and needs to stick together, not be divided.

We believe that you, EU leaders will find a way quickly for active steps to coordinate aid, including critically important defence aid to a country, that deserves to belong to our European family. A way must be found that will allow the other 26 countries to redirect the necessary funds for life and defense of Ukraine, for the defense of Europe.

With respect

EU citizens,

Petition organisers and more information: https://obcanskyrozcestnik.cz/26forukraine/

So far these initiatives (from respective countries) joined the appeal:

  • Občanský rozcestník – Czech republic
  • Pulse of Europe – Czech republic
  • Stand with Ukraine foundation – Poland
  • Civil initiative Euromaidan – Warszawa – Poland
  • Foundation Akcja Demokracja – Poland

Do you want to join the initiative with your EU citizen organisation? You will be very welcomed. Please send e-mail to info@actionwithukraine.net