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Estonian plan – event in prague – picture by Zewlakk – aktivistická fotografie

Europe needs to create strong enough instrument for funding defense of Ukraine. Now. We are supporting this with all our citizen powers in Czech republic and elsewhere.

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How to talk with politicians and other people regarding Estonian plan?

Main information regarding the plan you can find here:

After our event, we have prepared some basic claim, we will be improving that in coming days:

Statement by the organizers of the April 21 event on Old Town Square

We organized this event because Europe needs a big change in the defense of Ukraine and our countries – the answer is offered by the plan of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia. All this is important despite the delayed approval of another US military aid package. In order to end the war, European forces must also be fully added. Estonia’s plan says we need to use our advantage: economic performance and full access to financial markets. All it takes is 0.25% of Western GDP to be devoted to the defense of Ukraine each year and Russia will have to end its aggression. That is why we call on all citizens, all people of good will: ask politicians, for example, these basic questions:

In the past, Europe has created a tool worth 800 billion euros for post-coronavirus recovery. The question is, why are we still not able to raise tens of billions a year for the defense of Ukraine and Europe? This is what Estonia proposed – to show Russia that we are economically stronger and thus help end the war. After all, Europe can borrow for defense even without PM Orbán.

When will Europe’s security cease to depend so critically on decisions in the US? When we know that the EU itself is economically 8 times larger than Russia?

Will he support the Estonian plan supported by France and other countries? Are they in favor of creating a defense finance group of the willing? Why hasn’t a group of states been formed that would, for example, regularly borrow together on the financial markets to end the war?

Options how to implement Estonian plan – technical details european joint debt for defense of Ukraine.

But how to execute the Estonian plan from the european side? Europe was able to rise 800B eur for post-covid instrument. In early 2024, there were also details drafted, how to overcome veto by Hungary (namely by PM Viktor Orbán). We have created small article describing these options: European joint debt options for Ukraine defense.

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